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Rosslynn Taylor Jordan aka TJ

Producer: Roz Taylor-Jordan

Producer, Casting Director, Voice Over Artist and a legitimate pioneers of launching reality television, she has made her name and signature style, unforgettable in  the entertainment industry.


Between her roles as Supervising Casting Producer, Casting Director, Producer and Talent executive for over 100 shows, Roz has been a part of helping build essential foundations for some of the biggest Emmy winning shows in reality  television.


There is no genre, age range or subject matter she hasn't tackled. Working on shows  like, The Dr. Phil, Survivor, America's Got Talent, The Amazing Race, Outback Jack, Who Wants To Marry  My Dad, Average Joe, The Bachelor, Kid's Say The Darndes't Things, Who  Wants To Be A Superhero, Let's Make A Deal and many more.


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