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Students Taking Note

LS Academy in partnership with Haven University

LiveStreamers Education Virtual Online Platform, better Known as the (LS Academy). Makes Distance Learning just a “click away” any time zone any Country, LS Academy believes everyone should have the opportunity to learn and Grow.  Join the Journey!

Prepare Young Children for
Their Learning Journey

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Preschool to Highschool

LS Academy Live Streaming Education to 197 Countries believes it's never too soon to start building a strong academic foundation. Discover the LS Academy powered online preschool/High School program that prepares early learners for kindergarten to High School Studies. Introducing online preschool/High School learning can make learning fun and interactive for your two- to eight-year-old and 8 to 18 years old. Learn more about the engaging online preschool/High School programs powered by LS Academy and designed to capture attention and spark a love of learning. LS Academy Looks to Live Stream Virtual Online Classes in 197 Countries to open the Portal for All our Future Leaders. Join Us on our Mission to reach Young Minds

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