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Valerie McConnell President

Valerie McConnell: American Media Executive, Talk Show Host, Actress and Producer While creating TV Shows in Los Angeles, Valerie discovered there was an opening for a television Sports Journalist with CMX Sports Entertainment, a sports and entertainment company based in Las Vegas. CMX was owned by business executives and brothers Eric and Tony Brown. Eric and Tony met Valerie as a result of an introduction by Don King’s head trainer Stacy Mc kinley.


Mc kinley was also the trainer for world boxing champion Mike Tyson when he met Valerie. Both were at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas for the Jones Ruiz match. Valerie was there to interview WBC champion Roy Jones and John Ruiz during the Caesar’s Palace Press Conference. She also met Don King, who was also there for the fight, and granted her the first of several interviews with the internationally renowned and colorful Kingpin of Boxing Promotions. Following the Caesar’s event she interviewed with Eric and Tony for the Producer/Host position with CMX, and was selected from the many hopeful interviewees. They were impressed with her prior interviews and broadcasts from her LA TV show through Time Warner, and the fact that she was a certified producer through Time Warner.

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Arielle Duave . Entreprenurial, Businesswoman, Media Produce, Consultant & Marketing . America's largest refinery.

Makadella Tadasse Executive Director


Makadella A. Tadasse was born in Ethiopia. Her father was a provincial governor in the ancient land ruled by the Emperor Haile Selassie. He and his family were forced to flee after the bloody communist takeover. Makadella migrated with her family to the United States where she lived with her family and two brothers, residents of Redwood City, California. At age 18, Makadella moved to Los Angeles where she pursued studies in business, communications, and TV/film at California State University and American Film Institute in Los Angeles.CA

Dennis Matthews Electronic Engineer for

He was raised in Huntsville, Alabama, by his Grandmother Mattie Lee Allen. Dennis over came many hardships and has become a consistent over achiever. Graduating with Honors in Electronic Engineering, and serving five years in the Marines facilitated Dennis to utilize technology and create a way to set up computer networking and video conferencing to achieve numerous goals and catapult his career. A.S. Degree Electronics Technology from Skardon Business College  San Bernardino CA and Certification in Business Management Barstow College CA.
The different companies and agencies that he created this technology for are: The Pentagon, U.S. Army, EPA, Federal Aviation Administration, Langley U.S. Air Force Base and the Elmendorf Anchorage Alaska AFB. He has subcontracted for IBM, Citicorp, Unisys, and many other top Fortune 500 companies and government agencies. Dennis is a board member of the NGO African Diaspora Foundation, United Nations Association, US-Africa Chamber of Commerce and the United States International Mission. U.S. Army Redstone Arsenal Missile Defense Agency awarded a Blank Purchase Order in Huntsville Alabama. For High Tech Weapon  Prototype Technology. 
Electronic Engineering Degree from  National Education Anaheim, CA .
Mr. Matthews founded his first company LCE as a DBA in 1986 while working at the Dow Jones/ Wall Street Company as an Earth Station technician for satellite communications. LCE Newport Beach, Inc  The company specializes in technology and construction. It is a Small Disabled Veteran Owned Business (PL 108-183) Started mission is Globalization  of Pay Per View we have 162 countries viewership ! 

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