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BLA BLA BLA MIAMI TALK 3PM TO 4 PM TUESDAYS AND THURDAY We will be  doing in Future. Live streaming from Miami FL Pay per view!

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 PER PERSON . Mix Martial Arts, Concerts, Boxing and Major Events.


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Live streaming from California !
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Valerie McConnell President 

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Arille Duave  President of Operation



 LCE Black Box sets Live Streamers apart, as this platform allows streamers to transmit content from any place in the world. The LCE Black Box is a Live Stream and Webcasting Encoder Multi Device.

The LCE Black Box is a leading provider of low bandwidth video solution, with a nearby ubiquitous means of acquiring and transporting video.

LCE Black Box is a groundbreaking invention that focuses on many to many video broadcasting service targeted to domestic and global media companies, government, NGO's, military organizations, and enterprise customers worldwide. 

Let's get you streaming all over the world!